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Q & A, FAQ

Printing large images from a small file – With our image size calculator you can calculate the largest possible format .  We take into account the viewing distance to your image.  The larger the print image the further away you will be standing form it.

No matter how I try, My print still doesn’t look the way I thought it would –  Understanding how to prepare your digital files properly ensures you get the results you expect.  We offer special one-to-one training courses with our print makers.

Can I print directly from my digital camera? – Yes, you can. Our output devices are carefully profiled to accurately reproduce your photos. Just remember we do not accept RAW files.  Please convert to JPEG or TIFF first.

What is the typical turn around time – we work on a first come first serve basis on all orders.  The typical order takes 3-5 days to complete.  We will inform you of an estimated delivery date once we receive your order.

Epson Printers Recommended resolution – 180 - 480 dpi is the optimal range resolution for Epson printers. Anything outside of this range should be interpolated to 360 dpi. For prints that will be viewed at arms lengths, we recommend a minimum of 240 dpi.

RGB or CMYK? – we accept only RGB files.   The conversion to RGB should be by yourself because it will change how the image looks, and you can adjust the colors accordingly.

Which Color Space should I use? - We accept the 3 following color spaces. sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB.  Our Epson printers have a wider color gamut than sRGB so we recommend you prepare your files in ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB

My camera lets me use sRGB and AdobeRGB, Which one should I use? – we recommend Adobe RGB because it is a larger color space and has the ability to capture and show more colors when compared sRGB

Do Black and White photos need to be tagged with an ICC Profile? – Yes, tagging the color space will ensure you accurately render the greys in your photos.

Custom sizes – we are welcome to work on custom sizes and usages. Thank-you cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, marketing your photography/artwork/exhibition, party invites, certificates, the possibilities are endless.


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